Being an attorney who fights medical cases can be difficult. Often in medical cases, the lawyer must sift through tons of paperwork in order to prove it to the court. Medical records can be complicated documents, generally only understood by medical experts and those who frequent that field. Sometimes, these records need to be organized in a way that makes it easy to understand. That is where medical summaries come in.

A medical summary, also known as a medical record review, medical chronology or medical timeline, is a summary in which all the important details of a patient’s medical history are highlighted and in clear view of anyone who needs to access it, such as an attorney. The summary is designed to make understanding the patient’s history much faster and easier. Those who comprise medical summaries do not just look at recent events in the patient’s life, but they also pay attention to any details in the overall history including any prior treatments that may tie into the patient’s current condition.

The overall goal of the medical summary is to provide a complete overview of the patient’s history to his or her attorney. Medical summaries are useful in determining the extent of the client’s injury and are useful for expert witnesses who must review the facts. One who summarizes medical histories works to substantiate the symptoms and treatments of the injury, summarize the injury and its causes, advise the lawyer on medical terms and procedures, and locate expert witnesses within the medical specialty of the patient’s injury.

Upon receiving a medical summary, an attorney would get an organized document of the patient’s accurate medical history complete with highlighting, indexing, bookmarking, and annotations. A medical summary will offer the brief, yet important information of a case.

Using a medical record summary means that an attorney can spend his or her time focusing on the case rather than spending too much of that time trying to find the important details. Summaries help to improve efficiency for the law firm and can even help to reduce long-term costs as well. In other words, your law firm can truly benefit from the advantages of hiring a medical record summary service.


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