LM Summary Services has the ability to make your firm run faster, more efficiently, and save your team time. With our many valuable services, flexible pricing plans, and other benefits, your firm will function like never before. See the information below to learn more about what we can offer your firm:

Services Offered:

With the many amazing services LM Summary Services has to offer, your firm will no longer be held back with workplace limitations. Allow us to structure your medical chronologies, summaries, VA files, and more. Here are a few of the important and valuable services we have to offer your firm:

  • Social Security Disability Chronologies/Summaries
  • Personal Injury Chronologies/Summaries
  • VA Disability Chronologies/Summaries
  • Worker’s Compensation Attorneys Chronologies/Summaries

Flexible Pricing:

Many firms fail to hire on summary services firms, as they feel the price does not fit their budget. However, at LM Summary Services, we pride ourselves on the flexibility of our payment plans and offered packages. For Social Security summaries/chronologies, for example, you can receive a full 700 pages of documents for a mere $180. Each 100 pages in excess of this amount will cost you only $20 extra, which should be affordable on any firm’s budget.

Increased Productivity:

By hiring the professionals at LM Summary Services, you will unlock productivity like your firm has never seen. Without the need to burden your paralegal staff with summary and chronology building, or the need to hire permanent in house positions, you will be able to save money, and take on more clients that you can assist. Due to this, your community will benefit just as much from our services as you will.

If you feel your firm can benefit from the excellent services our team at LM Summary Services has to offer, please get in touch with us at your convenience. By contacting us through our email or phone number provided, we can set up a free consultation to discuss how we can boost your firm’s efficiency and save you time and money.

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