Creating proper medical chronologies and legal memos is essential to heading a successful worker’s compensation case. When dealing with the many other important aspects of winning a worker’s comp case, having an outside agency to help handle the many forms, memos, and chronologies, associated with the case can save your firm a lot of time, freeing you up to focus on the case.

Filling out and filing a worker’s compensation form, or preparing legal memos for the forms, can be a time-draining effort. Attempting to do so for each client yourself, or busying your already busy paralegal staff with the task can negatively affect your workflow. The more time you have freed up, the more clients you will be able to take on, and assist with their worker’s compensation case.

Are you in need of a medical memo writing service that is open to adjusting their practices for your case’s needs? At LM Summary Services, we have a talented and knowledgeable staff of legal brief writing service professionals to help you free up time for your law firm.

To ensure every firm can benefit from our excellent services, we have a scalable pricing plan, which can be adjusted for your needs. For as little as $120, we can prepare files for you that are up to 700 pages in length. For just an additional $20 per 100 pages after the initial 700, we will help organize your case in an efficient, professional, and legally sound manner.

Stop using your firm’s valuable resources reviewing hundreds upon hundreds of worker’s comp documents to prepare proper legal memos again, and hire LM Summary Services to boost your firm’s workflow. To discuss pricing options and more, please contact us at your convenience to set up a free consultation.


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