A well prepared medical chronology or case summary can drastically benefit your firm’s ability to successfully gain your clients valuable disability or VA benefits. If you want to free up the time necessary to focus on the specifics of your client’s individual case, you need a service that can prepare such documentation, without taking up the time of your attorneys, or valuable paralegal staff.

Simply follow these three steps, and you will be on your way to gaining the quality chronologies and summaries your case needs:

1. Prepare Your Client’s Information

To properly put together summaries and chronologies that will benefit your ability to represent your client successfully, we will need certain basic information to get started. Access to your client’s medical providers contact information, and detailed work history is just the start of what we will require. However, after gaining this basic information, we will be able to begin the process of gathering the information you need to help gain your clients the benefits they deserve.

2. Determine a Timeframe

We know that many disability and VA cases are time sensitive, so our team of dedicated workers works with you to find a timeframe that will work for your case. Need a certain order rushed? We can work out a payment plan that will help you gain the material you need in the timeframe you need to make your case a success!

3. Get in Touch

After you have gathered the necessary information, and determined a timeframe necessary for the success of your case, get ahold of the LM Summary Services team at your earliest convenience. Our helpful support staff will set up a free consultation so that we may begin finding the best route to take in helping you with this case, and future ones!

Every type of case requires a different approach, but with our proven chronology and summary method, we are able to put together files that will work for any type of case you may be taking on. If you want services from a team of professionals who are dedicated to boosting your firm’s ability to win your clients’ disability and VA cases, the talented workers of LM Summary Services has you covered.


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