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We provide quality medical summary and brief writing services to Social Security disability, Personal Injury, VA Disability and Workers' Compensation law firms. You are busy. Why spend your time reviewing hundreds of pages of medical records and drafting briefs, when there is a quality and cost effective alternative?

Medical Chronologies service

Medical Chronologies

When preparing for a hearing, it is essential to have a concise, comprehensive, and accurate medical summary. When looking for an alternative to writing medical chronologies yourself, finding a company that provides quality work is essential. We can write medical summaries for you in a number of practice areas. Give us a call, complete the contact form, or send us an email.

Social Security Briefs

Social Security Briefs

Our team knows Social Security’s rules and regulations and we provide detailed and concise briefs to our Social Security representative clients. Our briefs include: basic details of the claimant, a list of diagnoses with references to the exhibit and page number, an introduction to the argument, a bullet point summary of the medical records with file references to supporting medical evidence, a section outlining the issues with the case and responses, and a detailed argument explaining why the claimant is disabled based on Social Security’s rules and regulations.

Why hire LM Summary Services?

  • Time Saving

    We save our clients hours of attorney/representative/paralegal time.
  • Cost Effective

    Our rates are lower than the competition.
  • Quality

    Our writers are highly trained, experienced, and do not overlook the details.
  • Scalable

    We can write 5 summaries or 50 summaries for you a month. You can increase or decrease the number of summaries and briefs we write based on the number of hearings you have.
Why hire LM Summary Services?

Stop wasting your time reviewing hundreds of pages of documents. Hire LM Summary Services and spend your time more efficiently, without adding the expense of additional in office staff.


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