Disability benefits can be a saving grace for anyone who can no longer work and earn a reasonable living because of an injury or illness. One of the most important aspects of a disability case is the medical records, as they provide insight into the severity of your client’s condition. Rather than appear in court with a file full of your client’s medical records it is beneficial to have a complete medical chronology instead. Below are a few of the many ways using a medical chronology to prove a disability case is a good idea.

Assure Your Records are Complete and Accurate

The medical records that are presented in court hold a lot of weight with the judge. If they are inaccurate or incomplete, it could easily mean the claim will be denied. But, when you have a medical chronology, it is easier to determine if there is missing or inaccurate information. Then the missing information can be tracked down and the inaccurate information can be addressed and rectified. At the end of this process, you will have one complete chronology that can easily be reviewed by the judge.

Everything is Organized in one Place

If you have questions regarding the benefits of using medical chro>Another benefit of using a medical chronology for your disability case is that it will help you to keep everything organized. Often, people who apply for disability benefits have long and complicated medical histories. Their medical records can be thick and cumbersome, especially if you are trying to bring them into court. If they are not organized properly, they can also be difficult for the judge to review. But, if you have them organized into a medical chronology, it is easier for you to handle and for the judge to review.

Help in Understanding the Records

Most disability lawyers are not experts on the medical conditions of their clients. So, the information included within their medical records can also be confusing. But, working with a medical chronology firm can solve that issue. The professional who work for medical chronology firms are knowledgeable about the medical conditions as well as disability law, so they can not only put together accurate and complete chronologies, but they can explain the finer points of the records to you so you can understand your clients’ cases better.

If you have questions regarding the benefits of using medical chronologies to defend Social Security disability cases, contact LM Summary Services today. We can help you help your clients.

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