Can a professional medical chronology make a difference to your law practice? It can, for so many reasons, but the main one is that the chronology just might be the deciding factor on whether your client’s Social Security Administration (SSA) disability claim is approved or denied. Most claims are denied because there is insufficient medical evidence that ties the person’s disability to their inability to work. When someone files an SSA claim, attorneys must provide compelling information for two things: (1) show the extent of the disability, and (2) relate the disability to inability to work.

Consider hiring us to compile the lengthy set of medical records, doctors’ notes, medical tests performed, and medication history you’ll need for your claim or case. After all, you have enough on your plate already without having to compile medical files. We can sort through the chaos; clients typically hand over disorganized, scattered and incomplete information requiring many hours to pull together.Llet us handle it so your firm can focus on other tasks.

LM has a proven track record of providing excellent comprehensive reports with all the details required by the SSA to understand client’s medical disability. In short, we know what SSA is looking for and we make sure to highlight that information throughout the report. Attorneys like our reports because our indexing allows quick and easy discovery of key information pertaining to a client’s medical history.

Our reports are chronological and well-organized, with a digital index of all supporting records used to compile the report. We also include a comprehensive list of the client’s medical providers.

Because it is digital, your firm can easily share it with all the people working on the case. Each person will quickly be able to locate the pertinent piece of evidence they need for their assignment. Many law firms use our firm to avoid the “single point failure” scenario. You know it well—the situation in which only one person in the entire office has the knowledge about the case and creates a bottleneck.

Our firm will provide evidence of symptoms and substantiate treatments to validate the disability claim. We provide extensive supporting evidence, such as images, illustrations, detailed test descriptions and definitions of medical terms, and we format it according to the SOAP standard (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan). SOAP is a very common structure that most courts and government agencies expect to see.

Make the decision today to hire our firm. You’ll find that you become more productive by outsourcing this task to us, and we know you’ll be glad you did.

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