A comprehensive medical summary provided by professional summary writing services is essential for winning a difficult disability claim. When a disability attorney takes on an SSI or SSDI disability case that has been denied at least once, they rely on medical summaries to prove their client’s disability is permanent and severe enough to prevent their client from working and earning a living.

Medical summaries are not just lists of all treatments, laboratory tests and imaging scans but also includes details about a person’s life that may have contributed to their disabling physical and/or psychological condition. In addition, medical summary writing services describe how the condition has impacted the person’s life and what kind of life the individual is expected to have as a consequence of their condition.

What is Included in a Medical Summary Report for Social Security Benefits?

A disability attorney should expect the following items to be included in a medical summary describing someone with a physical illness:

  • Date of initial diagnosis/documentation describing the condition
  • Functional limitations caused by the illness
  • First-hand accounts provided by family and friends of how the illness has impacted the person’s life
  • Employment history (can show if the person has repeatedly tried to work but could not remain employed due to their condition)
  • Physician/surgeon reports regarding progression of the condition (will it remain stable or worsen?)
  • Description of treatments (results of treatment–did the patient experience symptom relief or adverse effects?)

Alternately, a disability case involving individuals who are mentally ill should be supported by a medical summary providing the following information:

  • Age of onset of symptoms
  • Intellectual capacity
  • Outward appearance (neatly dressed, disheveled?)
  • History of family problems/dysfunction
  • Academic performance in grade, middle and high school
  • Employment/relationship history
  • Psychologist notes/referrals
  • Past and current treatment programs

If you are a disability attorney working on a disability case that’s been denied, find out how our medical summary writing services can help you get the consistent results you want for your clients.

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