Social Security lawyers know just how important it is to have the right summaries and medical records in place when applying for the first time with a client or when working through an appeal. As the details within these chronologies help lay out the case for the applicant to receive benefits and have a significant impact on the arguments made, it is important for lawyers to consider outsourcing these medical chronologies to a team of experts.

Doing so allows the lawyer to remain focused on the important legal aspects of a case knowing that the client is as prepared as possible for their application or appeal review. A medical summary can also be referred to as a Social Security disability chronology.

Medical record chronologies require extensive analysis of the medical records within a case. This process involves the detailed review of what can include hundreds of pages of medical records for the purposes of locating, organizing, reviewing, identifying, and interpreting the most important details inside. When there are multiple medical issues involved and numerous healthcare providers who have submitted records, this can be an involved and laborious process. This can save attorney time and energy where it can be better directed towards other aspects of the applicant’s case.


While some cases involving claims for disability are relatively straightforward, it is more often the case that lawyers are working with patients who have very complex cases or even more than one condition. This means that the medical records can be extensive and difficult to analyze, much less organize. While as an attorney it’s certainly possible to invest that effort in doing it in-house, the responsibilities with these cases are usually so high that it’s a wise choice to partner with a company provided Social Security medical chronologies.

There are many benefits to doing this, the first of which is having all of the most pertinent medical facts easily accessible by you and your team. Handing this off to Social Security medical chronology experts means that the record review involves the analysis of important facts in the detail required.

When the patient has already gathered medical records or when various medical facilities have sent them in to the office of a Social Security disability lawyer, these are often high in terms of volume and disorganization. This makes it difficult for paralegals or for attorneys to review. Summarization and chronology are essential components of an applicant’s claim for disability benefits when it comes to fighting an appeal or even when a complex case is first being filed.

A properly prepared medical record chronology provides the most important details and the timeline of events for medical issues with the patient from the time of the injury and beyond. Good medical chronologies will include the facts of the case, the list of services provided, the healthcare providers involved in those visits, and the outcome of any medical events, such as surgery. These help to illustrate the severity of the medical condition at hand, how it has affected the patient, and the sequence of events that brought the patient to the current poit in time.

In addition to being prepared for the case review, attorneys can also use the information included in Social Security disability chronologies to analyze potential weak spots or areas of confusion that could cause issues with the Social Security Agency. This will help the applicant be prepared for a potential denial and the roadmap to follow if that happens but also to know some of the possible questions or concerns that could emerge in advance. This can give the attorney and the applicant the chance to address these issues more conclusively and confidently should they arise during an evaluation of the applicant’s claim.


having the confidence that the team you’ve hired has the right skill set and background in preparing a medical chronology is important; ask about their experience, typical process, and turnaround time. This can help to narrow down the search to a top-notch provider that will make this application process simplified for you. Our team experts are ready to ease the burden of medical record summary and chronology to benefit the involved legal team and the patient applying for Social Security disability benefits.

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