In many court cases, a thorough medical summary is crucial to understanding the events of a situation. A well-written medical summary can help cut through the confusion to show exactly what happened, when, and who was responsible at the time. Often, the correct and fair resolution of a case depends on these documents, which need to be well-researched, clearly written, and as factually accurate and thorough as possible.

And yet, when a paralegal or attorney is handling a case, they often request medical summaries that end up being too broad and incomplete to be of any real use. This can lead to a lot of problems down the line.

The biggest concern when it comes to overly broad medical summaries is the amount of time it then takes to go back and get the right information. A summary that is too broad is really of little to no use in a practical sense, because it is often the smallest details that end up being the most needed in a case. This means that someone now needs to go through, interview people, consult records, and spend a lot of extra time compiling information that could have been written up correctly to begin with, if they had used the proper services.

Money and Productivity
In addition to time, this research also can cost a firm in terms of its bottom line, as it takes a long time for its staff to do a good, thorough job. While being paid for that work, the staff is also unable to accomplish other much needed tasks, leading to a backlog of cases, longer working hours, or a need to hire more personnel. However this problem is handled, it means more money in the long run.

Legal Molasses
Finally, the time it takes to write up this thorough medical summary means the case takes longer to resolve. This is not a good situation for any party involved, as everyone is looking for a swift resolution to this case so they can have a settlement and then move on with their lives. Having to wait for a more thorough medical summary simply adds insult to injury, especially when it could have been done right the first time.

For all of these reasons and more, it is important to make sure that your medical summary is being researched and handled by the best. That’s why, if you need a medical summary, you should contact LM Summary Services. Our knowledgeable experts can help speed up this process and get all for the documents and information you need to help resolve your case swiftly and correctly.

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