As an attorney, you want what’s best for your client, right? When it comes to collecting information and putting a case together, it’s important to make sure you have the most accurate and thorough information possible. Without that, you could wind up wasting time and resources trying to build a case, and still not have everything you need to get the judgement your client deserves. In cases involving medical records, thorough and fact-checked records can be especially important in proving (or disproving) such things as fault and negligence. Because of this, if you are relying on anything less than a professional medical summary service to help compile the necessary medical records, you could be jeopardizing your case without even knowing it.

Why are Medical Summaries Important?

Professional medical summary services are essential to helping you put together an accurate and effective case for your client. If your client was involved in an accident or some other medical emergency, then things were probably pretty chaotic at the time. Doctors and nurses need to keep patients alive; stopping to document what is happening at the time is not an option. It can be difficult to go back through later on and figure out exactly what happened while your client was receiving medical help. And yet, a successful case often hinges on being able to do that very thing — figuring out which doctors were involved, which treatments or surgeries were performed, which medicines administered, and in what order.

How can a Medical Summary Help your Case?

If your case involves the possibility of negligence or malpractice, then you already know how important it can be to have a thorough timeline of events at your disposal. As you are building a case for your client, a final judgement will often depend on the minor, negligible details that can be easily overlooked. Assembling an accurate picture might just be what’s needed to show what happened and in what order.

What can LM Summary Services Do for You?

At LM Summary Services, we have the knowledge and experience to go to work for you. Our team of professionals has the expertise needed to build a thorough, accurate, meticulously prepared medical chronology to help you get the judgement your client deserves. If you are finding that it is impossible to wade through the details to get to the truth, contact us today — we can help!

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