Busy lawyers often need to find ways to find extra time in their day to get all of their tasks completed in a timely fashion. A great way for a lawyer to find extra time in the day is to hire a legal brief writing service to help with some of the more mundane responsibilities of the job. Following are some ways hiring a brief writing service can free-up time for a busy attorney.


Writing a legal brief requires a lot of research. No one can know every fact that is relevant to a case without help. Conducting the research that is necessary to write a legal brief is time-consuming. Research is the cornerstone of any legal case, and it cannot be glossed over. Lawyers have so many other responsibilities that having someone else take on the research responsibilities can ease a great burden and open up time for other necessary tasks.

Trial prep

Another task that requires a great time commitment is trial prep. A brief writing service can also ease this burden from an attorney. The people who are hired by brief writing services are qualified individuals and knowledgeable of the law. They can prepare trial briefs, memorandum of law, motions of limine, witness and exhibit lists, jury instructions, and depositions summaries.


Another task a brief writing service can take off the plate of a busy attorney is discovery. Brief writers have access to extensive databases on a variety of subjects. Brief writing services provide thorough and comprehensive discovery and often will assist in formulating responses and objections to discovery requests as well.

Document review

Legal documents must always be accurate. Taking time to review every document could take a single attorney several hours to complete. A brief writing service can spend the time that is necessary to review documents and go through evidence to determine what information is relevant to the case.

Document editing

Editing is an important part of writing. Even lawyers who are adept at their own legal writing can use an extra set of eyes to overlook the final draft. A brief writing service can provide editing services to busy lawyers, even if the service does not provide the writing.

Most people who go to law school do so because they want to litigate. However, working as an attorney requires many other tasks that occur outside the courtroom. Busy lawyers who do not have the time to complete the other necessary responsibilities of the profession can rely on a top-notch brief writing service to help free up their time.


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