Whether working in private practice, serving in a leadership position at a large firm, or struggling fresh out of law school, there’s one thing that’s true of just about all attorneys. When it comes to medicine, lawyers often need a little help analyzing, processing, and understanding important information.

In order to succeed in court, lawyers have two options where medical information is concerned. Either firms can tackle everything “in-house” and produce their own medical summaries for attorneys to digest, or they can outsource to a medical brief writing service. However, for firms that want to optimize profits, there’s one clear choice. Here’s a closer look.

The High Cost of “In-House”

For firms that handle an exceptional volume of medical cases, it might make sense to attempt to tackle the production of medical summaries for attorneys in-house. Usually, one or two dedicated full-time paralegals can handle most of the research and analysis necessary to produce legally useful medical summaries.

But before jumping at the opportunity to hire a dedicated paralegal or two full-time, firms should be wary of the high costs of creating medical summaries “in-house.” For one, unless a firm handles medical cases exclusively, a dedicated paralegal will probably be under-worked between cases. But that doesn’t mean that firms can choose to underpay under-worked staff members. Additionally, hiring dedicated paralegals can mean paying insurance costs and other fees associated with taking on full-time employees.

Outsourcing With a Medical Brief Writing Service

For firms that want to lower operating costs and seize as much profit as possible, there is a second choice besides handling medical summaries “in-house.” By outsourcing with a medical brief writing service, firms can avoid paying the employment related fees of bringing a dedicated paralegal onboard.

The economic benefits of outsourcing don’t stop there. Since firms only need to pay a medical brief writing service to work on specific cases when specific work is needed, there’s no risk of wasting employment hours when the pace of work slows. Outsourcing to a qualified consultant like LM Summary Services protects firms from waste, helps firms keep operating costs low, and ultimately leads to higher profits.

A Clear Choice for Profits

For firms that want to make as much profit as possible, there is a clear choice for handling medical information. By outsourcing to a brief writing service, firms are able to boost their profits and lower operating costs all at once, all while defeating wasteful spending on “in-house” medical summaries.


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